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Explore the most beautiful countries by car. Road-trips will never be the same again.

8 unbelievable self-drive road trips abroad on your Indian driving license
Road trips are a great way to explore a country and experience it the “local” way. And what with the show business romanticising road trips in their films and TV shows, it’s hard not to be tempted. If you love driving and are wondering if you will ever cruise down the autobahn, we have good news for you. Here is a list of some countries you can drive in with your Indian Driving License.



1.    Germany

Driving on Germany’s Romantic Road, an approximately 400 kilometers long route through the heart of Bavaria is one of the best ways of exploring the country. The German Castle Road is another classic route along which you can find more than 70 castles, and postcard-like views. Indians can drive in Germany with their Indian driving license for up to 6 months provided you carry a German translation. You can get this from any German diplomatic mission. However, having an International Driving Permit, while not mandatory, can be handy as it carries translations. 

2.    Switzerland

You don’t want to miss trains “Dilwale Dulhaniya..,,” style, and instead want to drive in this gorgeous country? Good decision, because there are so many lovely driving routes in Switzerland. One of the most famous passes in the Alps is the St. Bernard pass. The Swiss section of the road begins in Martigny and ends in San Bernadino, 56 kilometers away. You can take this route if you’re driving from Zurich to some of the Italian-speaking parts of Switzerland. Indians can drive in Switzerland for up to one year with a valid Indian driving license.

3.    France

Whether you want to take in the beauty of the French Alps and drive hundreds of kilometers watching the dramatic changes in the scenery, or just take a nice short drive from Santenay to Dijon and enjoy the wine country, France doesn’t disappoint. Take your time stopping in between and sample some of the finest vintage wines the country has to offer. Indian visitors can drive in France for a year with a valid Indian license as long as they carry a French translation with them.

4.    Norway

The Land of the Midnight Sun beckons you to come and explore its amazing fjords. Drive from Oslo to Bergen and you’ll pass some of the most beautiful villages, waterfalls, and fjords in Europe. Indian visitors can drive in Norway for three months with a valid Indian driving license.

5.    United States of America

This is a land where people love to drive, and when in Rome do as the Romans, right? Some of the best road trips in the US include the drive from Torrey to Bryce Canyon National Park (Highway 12, Utah) and the drive on the Pacific Coast Highway through California. This doesn’t even begin to scrape the surface, because the country has so many lovely driving routes. So plan your trip to the US well in advance to get cheap flight tickets. Then forget about any agenda, just get off the plane, rent a car and drive.

Indian visitors can drive in the US for a year with the Indian driving license as long as it’s in English. If it isn’t, then an International Driving Permit is required with the translation. You also need to have an I-94 form, which shows the date on which you arrived in the US.

6.    Australia

When you’re driving in Australia, there’s no dearth of pleasant surprises. Sometimes you spot kangaroos, or you could chance upon an ancient village, or perhaps watch a glorious sunset. Drive along the Great Ocean Road starting from Melbourne. Spend some time at the spectacular Twelve Apostles. Some really nice wineries fall on this route, so unwind with an excellent wine at the end of the day’s drive.

You can drive in New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and the Australian Capital Territory with an Indian Driving License. However, in the Northern Territory, you can drive only for three months. Also keep in mind that you can only drive those types of vehicles that your license allows you to drive.

7.    New Zealand

The best way to see a country so blessed with natural beauty is by road. In New Zealand, you’re spoilt for choice. Drive from Te Anau to the magical Milford Sound, or Christchurch to the Marlborough Wine Country. Wherever you drive in this country, it’s bound to be a magical experience.

You can drive in New Zealand with your Indian driving license for up to a year, but under these conditions –

a) you need to be at least 21 years of age,

b) you have an official translation of your license approved by the New Zealand Transport Agency or one of the several approved translators.

And you can only drive a type of vehicle that your license allows you to drive.

8.    South Africa

Yes, the land of dramatic cliffs and beautiful wineries is game for a road trip. There are tons of scenic routes, and you can either drive from Cape Town to Grabouw via Villiersdorp , or from Camp’s Bay to Chapman’s Peak, Cape Town, which is a very famous route.

You can drive in South Africa with a valid Indian driving license that has your name, photo and signature, and is entirely in English. Call ahead and check if the rental company requires you to have an International Driving Permit.


Some General Tips to keep in mind while planning to drive abroad on an Indian licence:

  • All the European countries listed above, and USA drive on the right, as opposed to the Indian left drive.  It takes a little getting used to, but is pretty much the same after that.
  • It helps to have a GPS. Check if the car has one, or get one before you start out.
  • A lot of us are used to driving cars with a manual gear system, while many cars abroad have automatic gears. Rent a car based on what you’re comfortable with.
  • Do your research about car rental companies well in advance. Many countries have all the well-known companies like Hertz and Avis, but if not, find out before you go. You can check out Skyscanner's car hire comparison tool to compare companies and prices to get the best deals on care hire.
  • Getting an International Driving Permit is recommended, and you can obtain one easily from your local RTO provided you have all the required documents (Valid Driving License, Passport, Visa, CMV 4-A, CMV1, CMV1A, and photographs)

Article source: skyscanner.co.in : 8 unbelievable self drive road trips abroad your indian driving license


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