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Trip date: 15th June, 2014

It was just like any other Sunday in my life... Filled with chores, errands and boredom. The Monday blues were already getting settled in. Yet, there was unintended itch to go somewhere, find something... In short I was looking for piece of solitude even though it might be for few minutes...!!!

Approximately at 1:30, I fueled my trusty moto-scooter and rode towards "Kempegowda International Airport" just to feel the breeze... There were dark clouds cluttered everywhere and seemed like it might rain any moment.

After crossing the airport toll, did not feel like stopping or turning back. The thirst was not yet quenched! Yet, stopped near the "Devanahalli" inter-junction to conclude what I wanted from that day! Silly ain't it! 

Then, it occurred to me that there was a small hillock nestled amidst the Nandi Hills range known as "Dhenugiri" or in common tongue as "Avalabetta". Thus headed towards the very same direction. Whilst enjoying the ride and the breeze, I could not notice that I had already crossed "Chikkaballapur" 

View of "Nandi Hills Mountain Range" from "NH 7 (near Avati village)

View of "NH 7" near the village Avati.

Took a left after a "Kamat Upachar" a road, although seems inviting, holds much pot holes. After crossing, "Ittappanahalli" reached "Sadenahalli".

The road, the villages, and the atmosphere around would appease any lost soul...!!! The raw magnificent beauty of nature started to emerge one by one...

A clear water pond by the road...

Some where on the route...

An eternal road....!!!!

After somewhile, reached a small arch - a road to the top of the hill where an infamous temple also is nestled. The time was about 4:30 p.m.

Road to temple top

From here, the path upto the temple is cement road. A small steepy & curvy road will get to the base of the temple's steps.

The cement paved road to the top...

Steps leading to the temple...

Devotees at the temple of Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy atop the hill.

Monkey mischief...!!!! A troop of monkeys scavenging for food.

This temple abode at Avalabetta is revered by many devotees. The cave temple dedicated to a seer called Avala Kondaraya. There is also small shrine dedicated to Hanuman.

The stream and the pond is vested with a lot of religious significance. During "Shraavana" month, a special festival is organised  every Saturday during which devotees from nearby villages and Chickaballapur come to fulfill their vows. There is also a pond called as "Annammadonaha". 

Nowadays, daily prayers are offered at the temple. There are a series of steps behind the cave that lead to the peak. The climb offers a good view of the bush forest and small animals that scamper about. Of course, the view around the Hill is breathtaking.

A view of the "Mountain range" from the peak behind the temple.

Avalabetta has another religious significance. There are hoof marks of a cow on rock here. These hoof marks were believed to have been made during  Samudra Manthana (churning of the Great Ocean) by gods and demons. According to a local legend, the holy cow-Kamadhenu-came to this place first. When it landed, its hoof marks came to be etched on a rock.

After the first cow came to the Betta, other cows followed its suit. Villagers, who saw this spectacle, called the place "Denu Giri" or Hill of Cows. Since that day, the villagers began offering milk of the cow to the god first and only later either sold it or used it.

This tradition of offering milk to the Gods first is said to be still continued.

A narrow piece of rock on the hill...!!!

The tall tower on the hill.

On the other road leading away from the temple, the Forest Department has built a guest house for tourists to sit back and enjoy. For reservations the Forest Department at Chikkaballapur can be contacted.

The forest department's guest house.

The hill side is a green treat. As far as your eye can see, you can view the beautiful countryside with hills, valleys, lakes, trees and winding roads. This is a photographer’s delight.

View of the mountain range near the guest house.

View of the mountain range behind the guest house.

Another view of the Nandi hills mountain range.

It was about 6:00 p.m and after spending some peaceful time at the holy mountain, I started to head back to reality... Bidding adieu to the blissful nature and the holy temple.... Thus ended my first solo ride!

View of sunset through the mirror.

Sunset at the mountain range while coming back.

Villagers returning back to their home.

An ancient stone shelter by the village road.

Before the final plunge...!!!

Distance: 90 km from Malleshwaram.

P.S: Do carry water and light snacks as there are no food and water available nearby.

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Jul 4 '14
Awesome :)
Jul 4 '14
Good one... must have been a beautiful ride...
Jul 4 '14
Yup, filled with contentment.... :)
Jul 5 '14
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