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girish Jan 5 '16

Royal Enfield will update its 2016 line-up with new colours and graphics. These updates will be only applicable to the Classic, Electra and Bullet models, whereas the Thunderbird and Continental GT models will continue unchanged.

Classic 350 - Chestnut

First up is the Classic 350, which will receive two new paint-jobs – ‘Chestnut Red’ and ‘Marshal Green’. The mudguards, fuel tank and side panels will feature the new paint shades, with the headlamp casing and front suspension cover tube will be finished in gloss black. Both the rider and the optional pillion seat will additionally get tan seat covers. The Classic 350 is currently offered in ‘Lagoon Blue’, ‘Ash’, ‘Black’, ‘Silver’ and ‘Maroon’ colours.


Classic 500 - Squadron Blue

Electra 350 - Meridian Blue and Marsala Red

The evergreen Electra 350 will receive two new colours – ‘Meridian Blue’ and ‘Marsala Red’. The fuel tank, side panels and headlamp casing will be sprayed with the new paint jobs, with the rest of the components will continue to be highlighted with a chrome finish. The seat is also expected to get a new Rexine cover. The Electra 350 is currently offered in ‘Red’, ‘Black’ and ‘Silver’. In other news, Royal Enfield is reportedly working on a 500 cc Electra.

Standard 500 - Forest Green and Black

The Bullet 500, currently offered in shades of ‘Forest Green’ and ‘Black’, will be offered with a new  ‘Athena Grey’ paint job. The fuel tank, headlamp casing, side panels, front suspension cover tube and mudguards of the Bullet 500 will benefit from this new shade, while the seat is also expected to get a new Rexine cover.

Do share your views and comments.

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roshan Jan 5 '16

Wonderful Modifications.......has expected from Royal Enfield Could....Yet can't wait for HIMALAYAN

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crazyranga Jan 8 '16

Himalayan is gonna be one offbeat Bike!!!

Love the way Royal Enfield has turned the market! That too in a "Retro Futuristic" style!!

girish Jan 8 '16

Definitely, I am looking forward for the launch of Himalayan 

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