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birjarjun Feb 23 '16

Dear Members, recently I came across a new company based out of Bangalore who have taken a brave step forward and are trying to bring into production an electric scooter which is connected beyond imagination.

Here is the link:

Explore away...

roshan Feb 23 '16

Its a real dam big thing in the market and mass production


birjarjun Feb 25 '16

The way these boys have planned it... I don't see much for them to be held back...

birjarjun Feb 25 '16

The 1st Bike

roshan Feb 25 '16

So @ Birju you think its goin to be one massive hit.....Are they lined up with some bikes as well ?


crazyranga Feb 26 '16

Its a first for India alright!, but there is still a far way to go..., 
Its high time for the next generation of battery technology to enter the market....

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